Issue 1.3 Every Thing Every Where Journaling Bibliography

Issue 1.3 of Useful Journaling is now available on my Ko-Fi page. Below is the bibliography and associated readings I read before, during and some after drafting my posts. While I didn’t use as many of these in the writing this time, I did a LOT of reading on the topic. Enjoy!

UJ1.3 Bibliography:

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Simplicity Issue, Bibliography

This is the full bibliography for the Simplicity Issue, links are arranged in the order they were mentioned in the zine, not correct APA format. Any links to books in this list will be to an Amazon Affiliates page in an attempt to get a few sweet cents of referral money, but please use your local library or book seller!


Emmons, R. 2010, Why Gratitude is Good,=.

Price, C. 2007. Stumbling Toward Gratitude.