Coming Soon!

I’m working on a new low(er) tech zine. Returning a bit to my roots of simple design with black and white printing inside. I’m attempting to design it all in the computer, but we all know how much I love a glue stick and scissors.

So what will Useful Journaling be? each issue will focus on a style and method of journaling; it’ll combine writing and art to give you ideas on how to get started with keeping a journal. There will be prompts and thoughts to get you writing.

It’ll have 16 pages of goodness in a pocket sized package. I’m going to make them the size of a pocket notebook, think Field Notes or 3.5×5.5 inches. The right size to slip into the back pocket of a Leuchturm1917 or a Moleskine or one of the many A5 notebooks available.

Where will you be able to pick up Useful Journaling? I’ll be launching on Ko-Fi’s new shop system. You can also support my endeavors at Ko-Fi by purchasing me a coffee.

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