Issue 1.2

Issue 2 is out! I put the finishing touches on issue 2 a few days ago and got it all printed. I think it looks amazing. As a last minute addition I cut the spines off a few copies of Scientific American from 1986. Then I printed the word Ephemera on them. A chunk is included in each copy for you to use as ephemera.

This issue features 16 pages of information and instruction on counteracting fear of the white page. This issue features physical alterations for the page and journaling. These techniques are adaptable for written and visual journaling.

I really dig the cover. I copied the journal page from the thesaurus then manipulated it and crumpled it and manipulated it some more. Then I printed it on a gorgeous ivory colored coverstock that matched the pulpy thesaurus paper. Despite it being lighter weight coverstock, it’s thick and amazing feeling. The printer loved this paper and the black toner really pops.

I stapled it all together with purple staples.

The first 125 copies are arriving with a bonus copy of “Some Notes on Building a Journaling Practice.” The mini zine will be available separately after this printing. The mini zine explores the idea of how do you get yourself to journal and fight your internal resistance to self care.

Get it here.

A word on the various pieces of Scientific American inside, I am not taking requests from anyone asking for a specific chunk. You get what you get, unless you request to not get an alcohol ad. There were 3 or 4 spread through out and I’ll check to make sure you don’t get one if you don’t want a booze ad in your mail.

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